Measuring Your Progress for 
Achieving Your Sales Targets

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Lesson Summary:

It’s imperative that you monitor your sales – if you can’t keep measuring it, you shouldn't be in sales! This monitoring will play a major role in achieving your sales targets.

What You'll Learn In This Lesson:

  • How to measure your progress.
  • The self-management systems to measure your progress.
  • Self-managing your time.


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Video Transcript

Homework Assignment

Taking action moves you forward
to achieve the outcome
YOU want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I measure my progress?

Obviously, if you don't, you'll never know if you are achieving your sales target.

Do I need to visually track my progress?

Yes. Having wall charts up or graphs on your computer which you can see at a glance will motivate you to take action.

Will measuring my progress stop procrastination?

Yes. Having a focused plan to follow will automatically move you along, particularly if you've set up daily to-do actions.

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