Referrals for Best and Cheapest Way to Improve Sales and Profits

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Watch the video above To Ask for referrals

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Lesson Summary:

Referrals are still the best and cheapest way to improve your sales and profits.

One of your best sources of new business is a referral from an existing satisfied customer. Maybe you’re afraid to ask, or you’ve had a bad experience in the past, or maybe you’ve never been taught simple and effective ways to ask for a referral.

It’s easy to ask for a referral.

What you'll learn in this Lesson:

  • How to ask for a referral.


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Video Transcript

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I ask my customers for referrals?

Your customers will want to keep you in business and will gladly give you referrals if you ask for them.

I'm afraid to ask for referrals?

The first time you ask is hard, the second time is easier until this process automatically becomes an easy source for increasing your sales.

Why asking for 4 referrals gets results?

I have no idea, but most people know at least 4 people to refer you to.

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