Everything You Need to Take Control of Your Online Courses

Even before the Corona virus pandemic highlighted the ease or necessity for online education, e-Learning had exploded in the marketplace and become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Knowledge, experience and expertise are locked up inside many people just waiting to be shared with others. Creating online courses is the way to package your gift which can be promoted for free or generate a steady passive income.

The Internet has allowed remote teaching, usually in video format, to spread throughout the world, giving learners in out-of-the-way places the opportunity to upgrade their skills.

Today, there are many courses available online teaching you how to create e-learning courses, but it’s the delivery of these courses that’s integral in their distribution to potential learners.

The common options available for online course delivery to the marketplace is three-fold; viz . . .


Marketing Platform

Using a platform to market your course for you. Udemy is one of the well known free platforms for doing this. However, there’s a downside in following this route. Udemy’s business model is marketing courses in volumes. Having built up a database with millions of learners, your valuable $2000 course will be promoted for $20. However, if you upload a condensed course with a link back to your website for the complete detailed version, Udemy can help you to market your course.


Paid Platform

Using a paid platform to upload and deliver your course with the marketing done by yourself. Many such platforms have sprung up and you have loads to choose from. However, delivery of your course relies on the platform which can be a risk if the platform shuts down (which happened to me) or the premiums become too high to continue (which also happened to me).


Owned Platform

Using your website with a membership plugin will give you complete control to own and deliver your course. In my opinion and having experience with using all the options above, there’s only one path to follow and that’s with DAPDigital Access Pass.

 In my opinion, if promoting online courses is your full-time business or a passive income generator, then you must be in complete control of the ownership of them.

Over the years, DAP has been developing and continues to develop, the complete turnkey solution for protecting and delivering online courses from owners’ websites.

This is the automated process I follow using the DAP membership plugin . . . 

  • I create the course using pages or posts.
  • I list the course in DAP’s admin section on my website and follow the few simple steps to set the price, protect the pages/posts, set the autoresponder notifications and login redirect page.
  • PayPal collects enrolment fees and returns the learner to my website for DAP to deliver the login credentials and add the learner to my autoresponder service. Everything is automated through DAP.

Note: to avoid using my webhosting bandwidth and for copyright protection, I upload my videos onto Amazon S3 for a minimal cost.

There is so much more to DAP than protecting and delivering your course, it’s worth checking it out here before making a decision which option to follow, if you’re wanting to share your knowledge with online education courses. My recommendation … take control of your own destiny!

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