Allocating Products to Sales Targets for
Achieving Sales Target Easily

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Lesson Summary:

Allocating products to your sales targets, will help you achieve and even go beyond achieving your required sales targets.

What you'll learn in this Lesson:

  • The percentage of gross profit each product contributes to your total sales.
  • How to calculate the number of units required to sell to reach your sales target.
  • How to achieve more than the required sales target.


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Video Transcript

Formulated Worksheet

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Homework Assignment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I use the products' percentage of contribution to sales?

Your historical sales results indicate how your products move in the marketplace. This is their unique profile in your sales.

How do I achieve more than the required sales target?

By setting a higher amount in the Target Control cell.

How often should I do this exercise?

Every month, if the sales targets change. If the sales targets remain static, then every 6 months to check the percentages to total sales are still the same.

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