Competition SWOT Analysis for
USP Identification

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Lesson Summary:

An in-depth SWOT comparison of your main competitors and their products is a useful tool for your selling pitch. Focus on your strengths when going up against a competitor without ever having to criticise them or their products.

What You'll Learn In This Lesson:

  • The strengths of your competitors.
  • The weaknesses of your competitors.
  • The opportunities your competitors give you.
  • The threats your competitors impose on you.
  • The products you can promote when competing.


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Video Transcript

Formulated Worksheet

It's recommended to keep your download as a 'master' and work with a 'copy' for your exercises.

Homework Assignment

Taking action moves you forward
to achieve the outcome
YOU want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does a SWOT Analysis on my competitor really help me?

Yes. It's always better to know who and what you're up against before planning the action you'll need to take when competing.

How will the products analysis help me when competing?

You'll know which products your prospect wants that your competitor doesn't have and that you have. 

What will the SWOT analysis show me about my competitor?

Who you're up against - is this really your competitor? Is this a 'Big Player'? Will you be able to compete with them?

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