Balancing Products for Sustainability

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Watch the video above to Ensure Your Products Are Balanced

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Lesson Summary:

Having only a few dominant profit generating products makes you vulnerable when the marketplace no longer wants these products. Spread your risks evenly across your products.

What you'll learn in this Lesson:

  • The percentage of gross profit each product contributes to your entire business.
  • If there are any products 'owning' too many of your sales.
  • How to identify the vulnerability of your business.


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Video Transcript

Formulated Worksheet

Homework Assignment

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to balance my products?

Because it's easier to replace one non profitable product if your products are evenly spread.

How often should I do this exercise?

Every 6 months.

Can I only focus on a few products?

If they're all making you money and are evenly spread, that's fine. But don't rely on too few products.

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