Customers Segmentation for Profitability

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Lesson Summary:

It's important for the survival of your business to segment your customers into 4 groups - A/B/C/D. Nurture and build a strong relationship with your A and B customers, ditch the profit sucking C customers and bring back the lost D customers.

When you’ve got rid of your C customers, you’ll find more B customers will appear to take over the space that has been opened for them.

What You'll Learn In This Lesson:

  • How to find your A and B profitable customers.
  • How to find your resources sucking C customers to remove them.
  • Which customers are giving you your expected GP%


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is GP so important?

You can have many sales in money terms but if they are not making enough profit, your business will not be sustainable nor be able to grow.

How can I approach my lost D customers?

If you messed up, say sorry and ask for another chance. There could now be management changes that you don't know about. You could have the product you previously didn't have for them. There's always a reason to find to approach them.

How do I make non-profitable customers profitable?

Increase their price to a profitable level. If they leave you, replace them with a new  A or B customer.

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