Meet Fran Piggott

Fran shares everything she's learnt about becoming a highly effective marketing and sales interviewer ensuring her clients get the results they're wanting in the process.

Interviewing Is Her Business

With zero selling skills, her clients promote their products or services into the marketplace without realizing they are selling.

Thriving On Research

Every interview matches a product with the outcome her client's target audience is wanting to achieve.

Experience = Success

Following a proven process using easy, simple steps whilst guiding her clients along the way is a recipe for success.

Here are a few things about Fran . . .

  • She started her sales and marketing career as a sales consultant with zero sales experience.
  • She moved up the corporate ladder to head new business development, before owning her own businesses.
  • She built one of her businesses from 0 to 34,000 members, administering client funds in excess of USD 3.2 million per year, over a period of 5 years.
  • Over the past 18 years, she's helped over 200 small-business owners reach new heights, or turn their companies into profitable, viable and financially sustainable assets. She has also had great success assisting marketing and sales teams and individuals to regularly achieve their sales targets and personal goals by using her proven tools and techniques.
  • She developed her own tools and techniques to achieve her goals consistently, and as easily as possible.
  • As time is no longer on her side, she's sharing her knowledge, expertise and experience through online courses. Her marketing course has enrolled over 640 global students with a course rating of 4.47 out of 5 stars.

Fran mentions all this here, just to clarify that when she talks about sales and marketing,
she does so from actual experience

Her basic drive is all about increasing sales profitably with the least effort for the greatest reward.

Tips, tactics and information can only get you so far – there is simply no substitute for experience.

Here’s what people are saying about Fran

Andries Koen

Labour Consultant

 Fran is pasionate, dedicated & knowledgeable

Since meeting Fran at a business network meeting, several years ago, I have got to know Fran as a person that is passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable about anything relating to marketing and sales.

Fran has the experience and expertise any business in the sales environment cannot do without. Her direct approach ensures a focused effort.

I gladly endorse Fran to take your busdiness to a higher level, given the opportunity.

Claire Gatonby

Marketplace Researcher

Fran delivers tangible results

Fran Piggott has been significantly instrumental in raising my business profile and ensuring that I connect with appropriate and desirable clients. I can highly recommend Fran for anyone who wishes to market their business sucessfully and obtain tangible results.

Bruce Sheppy

Freelance Lecturer

Fran is intellectually curious

Fran is a truly remarkable individual - intellectually curious, an enormous capacity for very hard work whilst retaining a sense of fun and adventure and very successful entrepreneur. She has an engaging personality and she is somebody with whom I thoroughly enjoyed working. Highly recommended !

Fran's Sales 


Fran started her sales career in a morning job selling healthcare plans to small businesses. With zero
 knowledge and experience in sales, she was the least likely to become a salesperson. In those days,
there was no Internet nor mobile phones, but to look the part, she needed a briefcase. During the
purchase of this briefcase, she sold her first plan!

From small business selling, she moved on to corporate selling. She identified her target of large employers on the stock exchange and went after them. Challenge, rather than money motivated her to succeed.

Her successes were largely due to belief! Believing in herself (She can do this), her product (a huge benefit for others) and her employer (to deliver on her promises).

Fran's success as a business owner, marketing tactician and sales executive spans 49 years. She has founded 4 successful companies and has extensive experience in corporate new business development, selling and marketing, and interviewing. She has also had great success assisting sales teams and individuals to regularly achieve their sales targets and personal goals.

Her portfolio over the years included all the elements related to marketing and selling, as well as product development and taking products to the marketplace (i.e. compiling marketing material and launching awareness campaigns).

Working in the corporate environment, she was fortunate to be enrolled in a variety of internationally approved sales and marketing courses. Consequently, she developed her own tools and techniques to achieve her sales targets consistently, and as easily as possible. Her proven methods excelled expectations and she was even asked by one of her employers not to bring any more customers on board as the company needed to consolidate its existing and new customer base!

She's studied Internet Marketing thoroughly as she strongly believes it must be part of any sales person's marketing arsenal to generate leads and sales. With help from numerous eminent internet marketing mentors, this has been a wonderful journey and an incredible learning experience.

You'll find a straight-forward, no-frills resource to help you and your sales grow profitably, right here with Fran Piggott.

In her online training and interviewing process, Fran will teach you the easiest and quickest ways to apply her proven techniques and strategies to help you consistently achieve your sales targets and personal goals.

Fran Piggott
Fran Piggott

Now It's Your Turn

I have found a marketing and sales career to be most rewarding in every way. I don't have any degrees and yet I've been fortunately most successful. I've never stopped learning, and never hesitated to invest in myself to further my career. As long as you like challenges and engaging with people to help them find solutions to their problems . . . or just give them what they want . . . you can enjoy a dynamic business giving you an amazing lifestyle you want.


It's now time to put as much of my knowledge, experience and expertise to good use by sharing it with those who want to learn not only from my successes, but also my mistakes.

I look forward to helping you achieve the outcome you deserve.